Lisa DiClerico Studio is a premier source for the restoration and conservation of fine furniture and objects.

Restoration & Conservation: From a spacious and light-filled workshop, we treat an array of fine surfaces including period lacquer, Japanning, traditional water gilding, French polish, and exquisite painted finishes. Our woodwork includes surface, structure, joinery, decorative elements, and veneer. 

Specialty Custom Finishes: We are commissioned by high profile architects and designers to produce specialty custom finishes for newly made contemporary and reproduction furniture.

Onsite Collection, Maintenance, Repairs and Consultation: Onsite collection maintenance is an indispensable service to our private collectors. We schedule semi-annual visits to maintain collections and address small damages before they become larger problems. Seasonal changes in humidity and direct sunlight create a multitude of issues for wood, painted surfaces and gilding. Regularly scheduled maintenance  discourages future damage and allows a collection to look its absolute best.